The mind can do great things . . .

. . . especially with the right tools

At, we offer a variety of video and audio hypnosis products that help minds do great things and help their bodies to heal. Our audio products are designed to assist with memorization. They have special acoustical properties which, when used over time, will help embed data into the listener's memory.   Our video products combine hypnosis and guided imagery in a 3D side-by-side virtual reality medium. This arrangement monopolizes the senses and makes hypnosis reliably effective. Users download our videos onto their cell phones. Then they find a comfortable place at home to play them.
Video running times typically range from 35-45 minutes.

This Is What You Need

If you are purchasing an audio file, you will need any device that can play *.MP3 files. You will also need headphones, which is important because the file has special acoustical properties that must be heard in stereo. If you are purchasing a video file, then you will need to have the following: 1) A late-model smartphone with a diagonal screen size of 5-7 inches. The phone can be either Android (Android 11 or greater) or iPhone (iOS 13 or greater). 2) The FREE viewing app. The VendorVideo Media Player is the only app that can view our videos. You can find links to both the Android and iOS versions at 3) A 3D VR headset, preferably with built-in speakers. Please verify that the headset you are buying is large enough to accommodate your phone.